Our pollen is collected from April-May to August-September, our bees take advantage of the flowering plants in each season. From the heather bush, the oak tree, the blackberry, the chestnut tree, the gorse among others but also the grains of small wild plants. For this reason, pollen differs in colors and flavors, as well as in properties as active principles of each plant are present. Thus in pollen, the more colourfull the more properties it can deliver, in addition to its properties in general:

- General revitalizing: raises the levels of hemoglobin in the blood. Indicated in the recovery of anemias.

- Lack of appetite: pollen increases appetite.

- Regulatory action of intestinal functions.

- Detoxifying function of the body.

Due to its high protein content, pollen is the ideal dietary supplement for vegetarians, athletes and the elderly.

Pollen is a dietary supplement with great nutritional , energetic and metabolic properties. 

How to take pollen 


Alone, with yogurt, dissolved in milk or water, in salad, with honey... but the more effective it will be is having it continuously, creating a habit and maintaining it.
The intakes can range from half a teaspoon for children (from two years old on) to three tablespoons for adults during the day, better between meals, alone or ingested with foods that also contain live enzymes and nutrients, such as yogurt or juices.
In the case of dry pollen, it is advisable to dissolve it well, or chew it, to obtain all the nutrients from each grain. The only limitation is having it with very hot liquids, since high temperatures (over 60ºC) cause loss of properties.

The composition of pollen: water (variable if it is dry or fresh pollen), 35% carbohydrates, 5% unsaturated fat and 35% protein.

Much of these proteins are in the form of free amino acids, and here is the surprising thing about pollen; contains all the essential amino acids.

It also contains vitamins (A, D, E, C and all those of group B), minerals and trace elements, enzymes and antibiotic substances that increase its therapeutic power.


More about pollen

  • Honey contains traces of pollen.
  • Pollen contains active principles from the plants from which it comes, therefore, the more colorful the better.
  • Fresh pollen tastes better and preserves all its properties intact, it will keep for several weeks in the fridge and longer frozen.
  • It gives good results in menstruation problems or menopausal disorders associated with inflammation of these tissues, as well as of the prostate and the respiratory tract.
  • It can have beneficial effects on the nervous system, increasing concentration, memory and motivation in general, being especially appropriate for the elderly.
  • People allergic to pollen need not worry, as pollen processed by bees does not cause the same reaction.
  • A universal remedy: it prevents hair loss, rheumatism and arthritis, and also the flu, creating a barrier against germs.
  • The key is consistency. It is not a miracle product or a sudden cure-all, but rather an extra health care contribution.










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