Our history


Polemel is a small company that lovingly looks after 300 hives to produce by hand and with the help of the family the best organic honey, pollen and propolis.





















Our origins date back to the early 90s, when we got into beekeeping, gaining valuable experience over the years. It was from 2000 on when we established ourselves professionally and obtained the certification of organic producers.

We decided to opt for organic production due to the importance of taking care of our environment. Also to guarantee to all costumers who choose our products do so with the peace of mind of knowing that they are rigorously analyzed and controlled, free of any impurities and contaminants.

In this way, we continue to offer each year the best products from our bees obtained by hand, with excellent quality and intense flavors.



Our bees have the privilege of living in a protected natural environment declared a Biosphere Reserve.












The apiaries are located in areas of native forest where oaks and chestnut trees of local varieties predominate.

In the high mountains, we find plants such as ericas, heather and gorse bushes from which honey and pollen are also obtained.



Thanks to this natural environment, our products have an excellent quality, being unique for the plants from which they come. In addition, the absence of activities with high environmental impact in the vicinity guarantees purity.


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